Welcome to Crustique Breads

“Artisan breads from YOUR kitchen”

I am passionate about bread! Hearty, wholesome, delicious  “Real Bread”.  Made from only  5 ingredients:  flour, water, salt and yeast (preferably natural/wild yeast) There is another ingredient which is not tangible, and therefor you will never find it in a supermarket loaf. When people bake their own bread, that 5th ingredient is love.  And it’s this 5th ingredient which makes all the difference!

I’m also passionate about writing.. Once I sit in front of a keyboard my imagination tends to get the better of me and I never know what is going to find its way onto the screen.  But somehow I  to always seem find my way back to bread

Crustique Breads’ mission is to reintroduce the almost lost tradition of baking real bread.  I will teach you or your community groups how to make the kind of wholesome bread, which is not only better for our health, but also better for our communities and better for our planet!

Let’s dough it!

Hi Sibyl!  Thank you so much for taking time from your day to share your passion for baking with us 🙂  as always, I had such a fun learning experience with friends.

Chris P.

Thank you for this amazing experience! My son and daughter had a great time and learned a lot!

Sdfroggy girl

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